UT Dallas is home to over 5,000 international students from across the world, and Orbit is intended to ease their transition to campus, help them acclimate to new academic expectations and norms, and ensure that they’re well-equipped to succeed in American classrooms and beyond.

Administrative Restructuring

To improve processing times for I-20s as well as Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) opportunities, UT Dallas restructured its International Center so as to better serve its international student population, part of the university’s ongoing efforts to streamline administrative processes for new and returning students.


iFriend brings together international and domestic students, allowing both groups to benefit from cross-cultural topics, discussions, and activities. The iFriend cultural exchange program is designed to foster both greater self-awareness and a more meaningful sense of belonging on campus for all student participants.

Education Abroad

As part of UT Dallas’s commitment to graduating well-rounded students, the University has prioritized its education abroad opportunities so that new students will understand the value of international study and take advantage of numerous study-abroad experiences available to them during their time on campus.

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